About Us 

In YOYO YOUR YUMMY WORLD, we are keen to share our best products and love with you. We do our best to ensure that we use the finest

ingredients to make our products that are safe and delicious to consume. We do not use any preservatives for all of our products. Our bakers are well trained and experienced in order to produce the best quality of our products. 

Selection of Raw Material

To show our support for the local farmers, we choose to use our ingredient source from the local suppliers to make our products. Together, we can help our local farmers to have a better life. 

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best products and services for our customers. We hope our customers enjoy the experience of our products and services.

Our Story 

In 2004,

YOYO was started in June 2004. Just like many other native food retailers, it sold native food products from many regions. However, over time, with higher food standards and expectations, YOYO realized the importance of having its own product development and innovation.

In 2007,

YOYO embarked on its journey in product development. In order to produce food that is not only tasty but safe which all can consume with assurance, YOYO hugely invested in its machinery and sourcing for the best ingredients.

In 2010,

YOYo was honored to have onboard a food expert who has obtained Japan 10 years once( the highest award of Japanese food). Numerous unique products were successfully rolled out such as Lime Pineapple pie, Salted Yolk Pineapple Pie Almond Layer Cookies and more.

In 2011,

To enhance the shopping experience and to cope with the increased production demands, The idea of YOYO YOUR YUMMY WORLD project was conceptualized.

In 2014,

YOYO YOUR YUMMY WORLD was successfully launched and it has met the expectation and improved the shopping experiences.